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Perhaps you slipped on wet flooring while working in your boss’s warehouse and broke your leg as a result. Or maybe you fell off a roof while doing your job as a roofer and sustained serious internal bleeding. Either way, you’ll want to call a workers compensation lawyer like Accidents & Injuries Lawyer Referral! We have helped many clients in Hesperia, CA with obtaining the compensation that they rightfully deserve, and we can do the same for you. Contact us so we can evaluate your case!

What Might Happen If You File a Workers Comp Case

Hiring a lawyer for your workers compensation case might seem unnecessary at first glance. After all, since the accident occurred at your workplace and/or while you were doing your job, your employer is legally obliged to assist you, right?

In a perfect world, employers would shoulder the responsibility of all workplace accidents and provide their employees with unwavering support as they recover from their injuries. However, this doesn’t always happen in real life. A lot of companies will try to wash their hands of the responsibility so they won’t have to use their workers compensation insurance and deal with increased premiums. Even if your employer would do the right thing and decide to support you, their insurance might try to deny your claim so they won’t be required to pay out and lose money in the process.

Fighting for Your Right to Compensation

This is where attorneys like us come in. As a workers compensation lawyer, we will help you collect evidence to prove that 1) the accident wasn’t your fault and 2) your employer and their insurer are required to provide you with financial support. We will also liaise with your employer and their insurance company and negotiate for the highest possible settlement for you. With our assistance, you can receive enough compensation to pay your medical bills and cover the wages that you’ve lost.

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