Is It Necessary to Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer?  

When Do You Need to Hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer

There are instances when a claimant is really in need of the worker’s compensation because that is the only way he or she will be able to pay the medical bills and source of income. Although there are companies that provide for their employees’ medical bills and compensate their lost income due to a work-related injury or disease, there are some companies that will not provide this. If you experience this, you have to hire a workers compensation lawyer.

Below are the common reasons you should hire a lawyer

Denied Claim

There are insurance companies that will look for loopholes on your claim. One of the reasons claims are denied is that the incident happened when you are already off the clock. Another reason is the claim was not filed on or before the allotted time. No matter what the reason the insurance company gave, you can ask a lawyer’s assistance to claim what is rightfully yours. Since they know the legal system very well, they know how to deal with any reasons you claims are denied.

Questioned Permanent Disability Rating

A doctor will determine your permanent disability rating. The doctor will sign a document which will then be given to the insurance company. However, some insurance companies will still question this. They will challenge the rating by asking their own doctor to do the test to you. Most of the time, the rating will be lowered and the compensation will be lowered as well. If this happens to you, do not accept that right away. You must see a workers compensation lawyer so you will know your options.

Claim Complications

If there was a pre-existing condition when you were injured, this could also disqualify you from the claim. Whether the injury is related to your pre-existing condition, the insurance company could still claim that it is the pre-existing condition that made the injury severe. With the help of a lawyer, you can prove that the injury is work-related and not due to your pre-existing condition.

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